[info]topazlily @ 04:41 pm: I strongly disagree that "most people do suck hard insane". I'm not sure what you mean by this, but I assume you mean most people are bastards. Has this really been your experience of life? It certainly hasn't been mine.

I am not a bastard, my family and friends are not bastards and in fact most people I have known in my life are not bastards. Quite the reverse. In fact– dare I say it?– I actually do believe I and they are good, compassionate people. (And yes, if you say I'm not I will take it personally– how can I fail to do so?)

Sure, people aren't perfect, but let's not get so judgemental that we can only see the flaws in our fellow human beings. Morality isn't an either/or, black-and-white situation.

I think to write an anti–hero (or villain) it is necessary to have some perspective on the character. "Well, EVERYONE'S a creep, really, they just pretend to be good," is the sort of world-view an anti-hero might have– but if it's the author's view too, that anti-hero immediately turns into a de facto hero.


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