[info]arterialspray @ 04:42 am: Eh, except the 'Miraculous Salvation by Deity' story is precisely the sort of ending that is meant to occur in religious/'spiritual' writing of which "Deed" bears more than a passing resemblence -- the hero gains the favor of the gods by committing some act of ultimate self-sacrifice, and by keeping faith with the gods even at the darkest hour. In a certain, pretty literal sense it's a Deus Ex Machina, but when the story actually has gods who are prone to lots of splashy miracles it's not like you can complain that their intervention in the story comes out of left field. I suppose the story could have been more powerful if the gods had not ...well, you know...but that also would have been an incredibly dark note to end the book on.

If limyaael won't enjoy "Deed" I think it will probably have more to do with the worldbuilding (which never rises far above the usual D&D cliches), and the fairly pedestrian prose.


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