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07:19 am: Bit of Poetry Meme (gacked from <lj user
And because, well, I would never give up a chance to post a bit of Swinburne. This is from the "Dedication to Joseph Mazzini," the first poem in Songs Before Sunrise, which were poems about and for and encouraging the Italian Revolution. It's not the historical context of this poem that I think is necessarily appropriate for what I feel, but these words.

I bring you the sword of a song,
The sword of my spirit's desire,
Feeble; but laid at your feet,
That which was weak shall be strong,
That which was cold shall take fire,
That which was bitter be sweet.

It was wrought not with hands to smite,
Nor hewn after swordsmiths' fashion,
Nor tempered on anvil of steel;
But with visions and dreams of the night,
But with hope, and the patience of passion,
And the signet of love for a seal.

Be it witness, till one more strong,
Till a loftier lyre, till a rarer
Lute praise her better than I,
Be it witness before you, my song,
That I knew her, the world's banner-bearer,
Who shall cry the republican cry.

And there'll be a rant later tonight, because I need to.

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